Region needs help with housing

April 2, 2012 - All News

By Peter Criscione
Peel Region is looking to the community to help make a dent in the municipality’s 21-year wait list for affordable housing.
“We need to start encouraging others to get in the affordable housing business,” said Paul Palleschi, Brampton councillor and president of Peel Housing Corporation. “We have a wait list of thousands who applied for housing subsidy, and yet, there is a serious shortage of rental housing in Peel.”
As waiting lists for affordable housing in Peel continue to surge, the Region is trying to boost its housing stock by partnering with the wider community.
Peel is inviting interested parties — including developers, various non-profit and community groups and existing housing providers — to apply through two Request for Proposals (RFP) and/or a Request for Interest (RFI) process.
Applicants are required to attend a mandatory information session to learn more about the RFP and RFI requirements and be eligible to submit a proposal on any or all of the streams for developing affordable housing in Peel.
The session will be held on April 13 at 9 a.m. in Suite A at 10 Peel Centre Dr. in Brampton.
The RFPs and RFI can be accessed online at under ‘Current Bid Documents.’
“It’s important that we continue to foster an environment of creative solutions that enlist the support and experience of others in community,” Palleschi said.
To help develop more affordable housing in Peel, Ottawa and Queen’s Park provided funding to Peel through the Investment in Affordable Housing for Ontario program.
In addition to funding from senior levels of government, Peel Region Council is providing further funding support for potential projects.
Interested parties may apply through one or all three separate streams:
• RFP Document 2012-260P – Stream One “Fast Track Development” (shovel-ready projects that are able to begin construction by spring 2013)
• RFP Document 2012-261P – Stream Two “Medium Term Development” (projects nearly ready for development, but that require more time for planning)
• RFI Document 2012-227I – Stream Three “Long Term Development Opportunities” (unique and innovative ideas for affordable housing that are in the early conceptual stages and that require further development and support for planning, partnerships and implementation)