$22M new funding for Etobicoke General Hospital

May 10, 2012 - All News

More than $22 million in new provincial funding towards the revitalization of Etobicoke General Hospital (EGH) was announced Thursday morning during the official opening of the hospital’s renovated Diagnostic Cardiology and Day Surgery units.
William Osler Health System’s Etobicoke site is currently undergoing a large-scale, $200-million-plus rejuvenation and redevelopment project that will see the construction of a new four-storey wing and new front entrance, as well as new facilities for emergency services, critical care, fracture clinic, maternity and newborn care, diagnostic cardiology, and medical day care oncology, among other improvements.
“As a physician myself, I know very well and firsthand the importance not only of people and political will, but, of course, the structure and the equipment, and the facilities that we need in order to deliver the very best health care in the world,” Etobicoke North MPP Dr. Shafiq Qaadri said, announcing his Liberal government’s additional investment of $14 million towards the planning phase of EGH’s new four-storey addition, as well as $8.6 million in infrastructure funding.
Ann Ford, vice-president of William Osler’s development and support services, said the $8.6 million in major infrastructure funding will be put to good use, even though it’s work that won’t necessarily be visible.
“This is the stuff you’re not going to see, but the things that are in the walls – upgrading ventilation in our operating rooms, upgrading our electrical systems, adding some isolation flow,” she explained. “Those sorts of things are going to make this place a lot safer for our patients and better for our staff when we’re doing patient care.”
The other $14 million in newly announced funding, meanwhile, will fund “all of the pre-work and early stages of building the new building,” which is pegged at $200 million, said Matthew Anderson, president and CEO of William Osler Health System.
“That money essentially gets us right to the place of signing a contract and starting digging, so it’s very, very exciting,” he said, enthusing also about all of the investments made in EGH’s current building – including the $4.2 million that helped transform Diagnostic Cardiology and Day Surgery units unveiled at Thursday’s official opening.
“I’m just as excited about the investments that are being made to our existing structure. That stuff is really great for the staff and patients, because they are seeing those change today, as compared to two years from now we start digging for the new building.”
The new and improved Diagnostic Cardiology and Day Surgery units boast twice the space they used to, improved patient spaces for diagnostics allowing for more privacy, and new equipment from stretchers to treadmills.
Anderson said those just a few of the many current and upcoming improvements at EGH he hopes will help build upon the strong community support the hospital already enjoys in Etobicoke.
“We’re busy, we’re here, we’re providing great care, and hopefully the community feels strong about the support for this community hospital,” he said. “I think in the past there’s been some confusion as to the future of EGH, and we just want to make sure everybody knows we’re here, we’re here to stay, we’re growing, and we’re getting better.”
— Metroland News Service