Where a penny still stretches to 45 refills

May 22, 2012 - News

It’s summer, the thirsty season, when everyone drinks more.
So what’s wrong with tap water, we wonder. Why go in for the bottled stuff, when tap water’s available at the twist of the faucet.
But all of us get into bad — and needlessly expensive — habits.
At a time when bottled water sales continue to surge — indirectly adding to the pollution problem as well, when it comes time to recycle the empty bottles — comes a timely reminder from Peel: drink tap water.
Drinking Water Week took place May 6-12, giving residents an opportunity to rethink their preferred beverage choices, and consider drinking a tall glass of tap water.
Commented Mark Schiller, director, Water Division: “Drinking Water Week is a great time for Peel residents to recognize how fortunate we are to have access to excellent quality tap water and to make it part of our daily choices.”
As the Region reminded residents, tap water is:
• Safe: Water is treated before reaching your tap and the Region’s water treatment facilities use the most advanced technology available. Once treated, drinking water is continuously tested throughout Peel to ensure the quality of Peel water always meets the standards set out in the Safe Drinking Water Act.
• Convenient: All you need is a reusable container to enjoy Peel’s water wherever you go. With so many new styles and accessories available, it’s easy to find a reusable container that will suit your lifestyle. Before heading out, simply refill a bottle from your tap. Check in with to find convenient refilling locations.
• Inexpensive: Drinking tap water costs much less than purchasing bottled beverages. For just a penny, a reusable bottle can be filled 45 times!
So pour yourself a refreshing glass of tap water. Cheers!