Body parts case suspect identified as adult film actor from Toronto

May 30, 2012 - News

Police have named a suspect in the shocking case where dismembered body parts were mailed to Ottawa, including the headquarters of the governing Conservative party.
Montreal police said Wednesday that 29-year-old Rocco Luka Magnotta is wanted in connection with a suspected homicide.
Montreal police said the severed hand and foot shipped by mail to Ottawa Tuesday and a decomposing torso discovered in a Montreal suburb are all from the same male victim.
“The suspect and victim knew each other,” Montreal police Cmdr. Ian Lafreniere told reporters.
“It isn’t linked to organized crime.”
Lafreniere said Montreal police are awaiting DNA confirmation, but believe the body parts belong to the same victim, a white male.
Lafreniere said police spent the entire night tracking down leads.
He said that there are still body parts missing from the crime scene.
“Are there other body parts being sent by mail, this is one of the hypotheses we’re researching.
“There are many details we are keeping for ourselves,” Lafreniere added.
Lafreniere said the body was dismembered in an apartment that was a “very sordid” crime scene.
“As a police officer not too often we see this sort of crime scene.”
Police have released the name and a pan-Canadian warrant for Magnotta.
As for whether there are other body parts in the mail, “this is what we’re checking,” said Lafreniere.
Earlier, police in masks began combing through a low-income apartment complex in Montreal, zeroing in on one particular unit from which a rotten stench is drifting out, says a building resident.
The neighbour said police were showing people pictures of one man, while also asking questions about the unit’s resident and about his possible connections.
The packages in Ottawa were mailed from Montreal, said police. Montreal will now lead the investigation.
Two top Conservative ministers denounced as a “criminal” act the shipment of a bloodied severed hand discovered at an Ottawa mail depot and delivery of foot to the governing party’s headquarters.
“Bizarre and completely horrifying,” said Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, saying it was clearly a “completely disgusting criminal act.”
The Conservative government’s top security minister condemned the incidents as “very disturbing.”
CBC News reported the second package that contained the severed hand was addressed to the Liberal Party of Canada.
Public Safety Minister Vic Toews said he was “not prepared to discuss security concerns” but asked if he views it as an act of terrorism, Toews said it was “an unusual development even insofar as homicides go.”
But he said he would not comment further on the ongoing police investigation.
A spokesperson for Montreal police said the investigation is advancing rapidly and that police should be able to identify a suspect in the “next few hours.”
Ottawa police intercepted a package at a Canada Post depot containing a severed human hand Tuesday hours after a bloodied severed human foot in a sealed package was delivered to the headquarters of the Conservative Party of Canada in downtown Ottawa Tuesday morning.
The gruesome mail delivery was accepted by a receptionist at the party’s 12th floor suite of offices.
Conservative Party spokesman Fred DeLorey said the package was brought to Jenni Byrne, a former senior adviser to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party’s national campaign manager in the last election, “because it looked suspicious.”
“It was opened, Ms. Byrne examined it, saw the blood and smelled the odour and made the decision to call police.”
Delorey said that headquarters “staff are very upset and disturbed by what happened yesterday.”
“When we began to open the package we saw what appeared to be blood, and an extremely foul odour came from the package once it was partially opened,” he said in an email reply. “It was such a horrible odour I’m sure many of us will not forget it.”
“We called the police immediately. They came and investigated the package.”
Colin McSweeney, another top party official and trusted confidante of the prime minister’s, declined Tuesday to say anything about the issue.
— Torstar News Service