Cricket Nation faceoff this Sunday on Omni TV

August 21, 2012 - All News

Staff Report
Cricket is mounting a strong comeback challenge to get on to the mainstream Canadian airwaves, and into the public consciousness.
Omni Television is getting set to beam Cricket Nation, a program featuring combative cricket players facing off against board-slamming hockey heroes.
The hour-long, original documentary follows two avid cricket players as they challenge a beer league hockey team to a match of the world’s oldest sport.
The program premieres this Sunday, Aug 26. It airs on Omni 2 at 9pm ET/MT in Ontario (and on the same day on Omni Alberta and Omni BC as well).
Proclaimed in 1867 as Canada’s first national sport by Prime Minister Sir John A. MacDonald, cricket is once again on the rise in Canada. With origins dating back more than 500 years, the game is possibly the oldest team sport in the world.
And in recent years, with the increase in new Canadians coming from countries in which cricket is a national pastime, it is once again gaining popularity in Canada.
Puri, Fisher take on Brampton
Omni Television explores the often misunderstood sport of cricket in the new documentary, Cricket Nation. It follows the lives of two avid amateur Toronto cricket players: new Canadian Surinder Puri and the Canadian-born Martin Fisher.
For Surinder Puri, cricket is a way in which new immigrants can build communities in their new country. For the Canadian-born Martin Fisher, cricket is another activity that exposes him to new experiences and new friends.
Unfortunately, Fisher’s new-found love for cricket is often met with ridicule from his hockey-loving friends, who refuse to take the sport seriously.
Together the Puri-Fisher twosome challenge a group of judgmental, beer league hockey players from Brampton, Ontario, to take on the game, in an effort to get them to open their minds and give cricket a chance.
This original one-hour documentary follows the intense match-up as rugged amateur hockey players face some of the best cricket bowlers in Canada for the ultimate showdown of new of Canada’s most beloved and long-standing sports.
Cricket Nation was produced by Cricket Nation Productions Ltd. Stephen Young-Chin (Santa Clause) serves as director and producer. The documentary is fully funded by the Omni Television Independent Producers Initiative.
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