Peel identifies strategic goods movement network

July 25, 2013 - News

Staff Report
Identifying strategic roads that connect goods manufacturers, destinations and highways, the Peel Goods Movement Task Force accomplished one of its key action items.
Transportation staff presented details of the Strategic Goods Movement Network Study (SGMNS) to Regional Council. The network study identifies and maps strategic roads that connect goods manufacturers, destinations and highways.
The network and implementation plan is based on detailed analysis of goods movement data, network gaps, regional conditions, municipal goals, stakeholder input and best practices.
Findings from the study will assist the completion of other action items in the Goods Movement Strategic Plan.
“Results are coming to fruition as we accomplish action items and begin tackling new ones during this second year of a five-year program to improve goods movement in Peel,” said Emil Kolb, chair of the Peel Goods Movement Task Force and Region of Peel Chair. “I have great appreciation for the contribution our Task Force members provided. They volunteered their time and hospitality, enlightened us with their industry knowledge, shared their resources and research, and allowed us to visit their businesses so we may better understand how we can design solutions that benefit all businesses and contribute to the quality of life of our residents. The private and public sector Task Force members helped Peel carry out the strategy and prioritize our action items. I wish to thank them for becoming valuable partners and helping Peel lead the way in goods movement.”
The SGMNS will be incorporated into the next Long Range Transportation Plan update, which will be reflected in the region’s official plan.
The data, maintained by Peel and the area municipalities, will help the Region assess the gaps in the network to help prioritize operational, management and capital improvements.
Operational and management improvements could include road geometry, signal timing optimization, intelligent transportation systems and reconstruction/improvements of the road sub-base.
Updates to the plan will occur as land use changes, highway extensions, and new routes arise.
“The Strategic Goods Movement Network is a commitment to the multimodal goods movement system,” said Paul Kerry, Business Development Manager (Ontario) at Canadian Pacific Railway. “This improves the flow of goods in the region including access to our Vaughan Intermodal Terminal. This is good for businesses throughout Peel Region who depend on safe and efficient goods movement. We appreciate the opportunity to provide our input. Peel Region is a leader in working with industry to create transportation networks that benefit businesses and contribute to the overall economy.”
Promoting the safe and efficient movement of goods through and within the Region of Peel is a term of council priority and an objective of the regional strategic plan to help all businesses that rely on timely deliveries.