The Brampton Board of Trade advocates for an in-depth debate that will challenge debaters and inform members

September 11, 2014 - All News
NR 2014-09                                                                                          Thursday, September 11th, 2014
Brampton, Ont. – The Brampton Board of Trade (BBOT) is representative of the cultural richness and
diversity of the Brampton community. On September 29th, the BBOT will be conducting a members-only
debate of Brampton mayoral candidates. Although the BBOT understands there is a desire to hear from
all candidates running for mayor, it has been the BBOT’s past experience of moderating debates that in
order to properly engage candidates in discussion of their platforms, a limit needs to be placed on the
number of candidates that are involved.
The BBOT is concerned that if all candidates are invited to speak, individuals will then simply state their
positions with little or no opportunity for them to challenge one another or for panelists to hold them
accountable in their answers. Recent local debates that have invited all candidates to participate have
shown this to be the case. The BBOT has shared this position with its membership through its
publications and town halls and our membership has supported the decision to limit the number of
candidates participating in the BBOT Mayoral debate to four.
With respect to the candidates invited to participate, the BBOT is a member-based organization and the
decision was based on our members’ preferences. We sent our members a survey asking them to list the
top four candidates that they were most interested in seeing at the debate. According to the survey
results, our members chose Susan Fennell, Linda Jeffrey, Don McLeod and John Sanderson. All four
candidates were invited to participate, have accepted their invitations and are aware of the debate
candidate limitations. Should any candidate(s) choose not to participate in the debate on September
29th, the candidate(s) with the next highest votes will be invited to take their place.
The BBOT will be partnering with Rogers Television to produce a second all candidate mayoral debate on
October 9th, which will give all mayoral candidates the opportunity to be heard. In addition, we will
include profiles of all mayoral candidates in our October Trade Talks issue (with an 8,000 person
circulation) so that our members and the community can be as informed as possible before Election
For more information, please contact:
Jaipaul Massey-Singh
Chair-Elect, Brampton Board of Trade 

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