1,000 Supporters Rally for Fennell

September 24, 2014 - Press Releases
1,000 Supporters Rally for Fennell

Despite efforts to spin relentless rumours and innuendo as fact, the Toronto Star – and Mayor Susan Fennell’s various partisan political opponents – have been proven wrong.

Mayor Susan Fennell speaks to up to 1000 supporters at her September 22 campaign launch rally

“You won’t read about our rally in the Toronto Star, of course,” said Nav Mangat, Campaign Manager for Susan Fennell, “We know it happened – the support was overwhelming – and we know she’s going to win.”

At Fennell’s first rally of the 2014 municipal election, a packed room of up to 1,000 cheering supporters greeted Brampton’s mayor.

Mayor Susan Fennell released a new video today: