Mayoral Candidates to Debate at Young Professionals Forum in Brampton

September 27, 2014 - Press Releases
Mayoral Candidates to Debate at Young Professionals Forum in Brampton


On October 2, Brampton Mayoral Candidates will debate Debate at the Young Professionals Forum hosted at LAB•B (57 Mill St. N) from 7–9 pm.

Young professionals living in Brampton have a voice and it needs to be heard in our upcoming municipal election. There are numerous issues in our city that affect us and we want to know where we fit in the grand scheme of things. Transportation, education, entrepreneurship, and employment all have an important role in our lives and we ask that the candidates address these and other issues.

We at LAB•B want to provide a platform for candidates to speak to an audience that has not been tapped during the current election. Youth make up the majority in Brampton and have the ability to create change. Speaking to them creates greater opportunity, and engagement of youth in the municipal political process makes a stronger Brampton for all.

The debate will be moderated by Jahmeelah Gamble, Educational Resource Facilitator for Peel District School Board, Epilepsy Ambassador of Peel, family consultant, community advocate, certified group fitness instructor, and host of ‘A Voice For All’ on Rogers TV Peel.

Confirmed Candidates at the debate include iSusan Fennell, Linda Jeffrey, John Sanderson, and Devinder S. Sangha.

Free Tickets to Attend Available Here