Thinking about investing in real estate? Here are some secrets!

February 3, 2015 - All News

If you have ever thought about investing in real estate? Some people would be a little nervous about that idea. It is understandably so! How should you invest? What type of real estate should you invest in? There are many questions! Investing in real estate could be risky. Here is a link to an great article from that gives a couple helpful secrets in real estate investment.

Here is some of what the article offers:

‘There is a huge difference between real estate speculating and real estate investing. Real estate speculating is buying a property and hoping it goes up in value. A speculator might buy a strip mall on a street planned to be widened and have a freeway access ramp added. Investing before the road project is started means an almost certain large increase in value once the project completed.’

‘Communication is a key skill in real estate investing. You negotiate purchases and you negotiate sales. You screen tenants and negotiate leases. You negotiate with contractors and trades people. There is a lot of communication in the real estate investment game. We’ve all done it. Starting to formulate a response to someone while he or she is still talking to you.’


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