Liberals promote Trudeau’s fairness plan in Brampton

May 20, 2015 - News

By Nouman Khalil
BRAMPTON – Federal Liberals seem to have kicked off their campaign in the Peel region for the upcoming elections this October.
In a campaign-styled town hall meeting Tuesday (May 19) evening in Brampton, local Liberal candidates criticized the Harper government for not doing much for middle class Canadians and put forward Justin Trudeau’s plan for ‘fairness for the middle class’ to the people of Brampton.
“Canadians have paid deeply,” said Sean Casey, Charlottetown MP and Liberal critics for justice. “When Stephen Harper came to power, he inherited a $13 billion surplus budget. But he plunged the country in deficit… before the recession and not because of the recession. In order to climb out of that deficit, Canadians paid deeply in the form of deep cuts to government services.”
Casey was in Brampton on Tuesday alongside Liberal candidates Raj Grewal (Brampton-East), Kamal Khera (Brampton-West), Ruby Sahota (Brampton-North), Ramesh Sangha (Brampton-Centre) and Sonia Sidhu (Brampton-South) to present and discuss the fairness plan for middle and lower income families.
“Canadians right across the country, without exception, have shared the pain that was required to bring the country back into balance,” said Casey.
He said the Conservatives’ focus has been on tax breaks for the wealthiest Canadians while Liberals believe in a country that works for everyone.
“Our plan will benefit individuals with under $90,000 annual income or families under $150,000,” said Casey.
The Liberals have been promoting the Trudeau plan across Canada, which proposes to cut the middle class income tax bracket from 22 per cent to 20.5 percent and introduce a new tax bracket of 33 percent for individuals with annual incomes of over $200,000.
“It’s the middle class who create jobs, they drive our economy,” said Sahota. “They are the ones who need a break. I’m excited about this plan because the middle class will benefit from it.”
The plan suggests that Canadians with an annual taxable income of $44,700 to $89,401 will get a tax relief of up to $670 per year per person or $1,340 per year for a two-income household.
In addition, the proposal also seeks to increase Canada Child Benefit for families – a typical one-parent family, with one child and an annual earning of $30,000, will get $533 tax-free every month.
“There would be many people in Brampton and Canada within that income bracket and we think that the government policy should be targeted towards middle class Canadians because in the last 30 years they haven’t receive much for break,” said Casey.
To balance the budget, he said individual with an income of $1 million per year will pay an extra $31,000 annually.