4 Tips to Organize Your Garage this Summer

June 10, 2015 - All News

Summer is practically here! Which means you’ll probably be outside every chance you get because we Canadian’s don’t waste a second indoors while the weather is above 0, am I right? Thought so. A great project to get done before the beautiful summer weather arrives is to organize your garage. It makes doing outdoor projects and activities so much easier and more enjoyable when you don’t have to go searching through a pile of dirty stuff to get what you’re looking for. Not only that, the garage can be yet another room for prospective home buyers to fall in love with. Who doesn’t like a beautiful, clean, and organized garage? 

Here are a few tips to get a perfectly organized garage this summer:

1) Hooks, hooks, hooks!

Hooks are so useful when organizing a garage. You can use them to hang bikes, ladders, gardening equipment, shovels, hoses, brooms, the list is endless! 

2) Muffin tins

Huh? Muffin tins in the garage? Weird, right? Maybe, but they can definitely be useful for storing small things like nails and screws. Such a clever idea!

3) Pegboards

No garage is complete with out a handy dandy pegboard. Perfect for storing small gardening tools as well as hand tools. 

4) Take advantage of overhead storage

Attach some hooks, or PVC pipes to the ceiling of your garage for even more storage space!

So there are just a few ways to organize your garage. Click here for the whole article (or copy and paste the link below) with even more great tips. I highly recommend checking it out. Happy organizing!

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