Mother’s Day Brunch at my house

April 24, 2016 - Blog

I LOVE Mother’s Day, and I truly miss my little ones anxiously waking me up to hand me their homemade gifts they made. Now that my kids are older (8, 12, 14), they don’t do the homemade gifts as much (sigh). However, I still look forward to my family’s annual Mother’s Day brunch. This year, because it’s our turn to host, they shared with me what they would be putting on the menu. I’m so excited that THEY came up with this that I had to share. Thank you Pinterest! :)

My Mother’s Day Brunch Menu

The Centerpiece

This sets the tone for the entire meal. So it can be as simple or creative as you want. Fresh flowers are always a win, but something cute and personal is sure to put a smile on any mom’s face.  Supplies: glassware, water, food colouring, and some fresh flowers.


The Drink

We are so over Winter so we welcome anything with citrus or iced. Flavoured water would also be a huge hit. This tea is a family favourite.

Citrus Iced Green Tea


The Food

Waffle Bar: Who doesn’t love waffles and fruit? This can get fun for little ones and even dad.


Frittata, the main dish. Protein and cheesy goodness in one dish!


The filler – potatoes!


The Dessert

Now every mom likes cookies and cakes, but we LOVE chocolate. So anything with chocolate, I’m sure will put a smile in our tummies. Yes, even a chocolate bar. 


The Fun

Here’s one thing my kids did last year, and I LOVED it. They used our Polaroid camera and took silly pics throughout the family brunch. As we took them, we would pass them around and by the time brunch was over, there were so many around the table that family members even took some home. It was a great way to capture the fun.




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