Comment on Ballerinas and Barbies® at momstown Brampton Music and Movement by John Doe

December 31, 2016 - Blog

This location looks and feels great, good programs and food, however from a environment / wellness perspective, i have concerns. The biggest thing for us is the number of times my little one has been sick over the last few months with pink eye, hand foot mouth, fevers, colds, etc… I’ve noticed kids with constant dirty faces and running noises… I get the impression that there is very little attention from the teachers in making sure the kids are clean throughout the day. There is no question that the facility is cleaned before the start of each day, it looks great when we complete our drop off. However the fact is my little one has been constantly sick every other week and I figured I should let other parents know as you make that important decision on daycare for your child. Good luck!

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