5 Easy Chili Recipes

January 5, 2017 - Blog
Whether it’s for a family dinner, comfort food like chili is a perfect winter meal! The great thing about cooking chili is that anything goes!
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From strictly veggies to hearty beef or even low fat turkey, there are several ways to make this classic dish!  Don’t love beans?  No worries, leave them out!  Going to be out at work all day?  Perfect, set the meat, sauce and veggies in the slow cooker and come home to the perfect winter meal!


5 Easy Chili Recipes for the Superbowl or family meal

Here are 5 great chili recipes;


1.  Tex Mex Chili will warm you up in more ways than one!


2.  Slow cooker hearty beef chili is thick and meaty.


3.  Slow cooker Turkey Chili is a lighter choice.


4.  Vegetarian chili will help you load up on veggies.


5.  Get the kids involved with this Fireman Chili recipe.


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