A Winter Getaway Bucket List

January 5, 2017 - Blog

As the New Year rings in, I’m already finding myself daydreaming of a sun-filled getaway a little more often than usual.  While the mental image of white, sandy beaches, emerald-green seas, and days filled with relaxation and adventure is temptation enough, the planning phase of a trip can be every bit as fun as actually heading out. Well, almost!

Grand Bahama Island is a perfect destination for Canadian travellers. Easily accessible from many Canadian cities, Grand Bahama Island is one of the most popular islands in The Bahamas, and for good reason! With an itinerary for every type of traveller, Grand Bahama Island has something for everyone, and enough charm to fill a suitcase.

If you’re in need of destination inspiration, look no further than our Grand Bahama Island bucket list:

Scuba diving and snorkelling underwater caves – Whether inland or under the sea, the Bahamian Blue Holes are a centuries-old natural phenomena which formed over the span of several ice ages, when sea levels were 400 feet lower and The Bahamas was a giant exposed limestone platform. Blue Holes are found in The Islands of The Bahamas in a greater number than anywhere else on earth. What’s more, The Bahamas has the only known tidal blue holes in the world. Checking out Ben’s Blue Hole off of Grand Bahama Island would definitely be on our (and any sea monkey’s) bucket list!

Exploring secluded beaches – A private beach is a vacation jackpot! With miles of pristine sand, finding your own slice of paradise is easy on Grand Bahama Island. Our picks? Fortune Beach, home of a two-million dollar shipwreck. They’re just eight kilometres away from Port Lucaya Marketplace and Paradise Cove beach, which sounds every bit as beautiful as it looks. Some tour operators also offer a “Grand Bahama Day Away”, a package that includes a boat ride to your own private island and an “if-you-catch-it, we’ll-cook-it” offer. Yum!

Enjoying a Wednesday Night Fish Fry – Fresh fish on a beautiful beach? What a way to end a picture-perfect day! When we vacation, we like to get out and experience local culture and food, both of which Grand Bahama Island has in spades.  Smith’s Point Beach is Famous for its Wednesday night “fish fry” and it’s a favourite spot for visitors and locals to dance and to socialize. They can also enjoy tasty native dishes such as fried snapper, potato salad and peas ‘n’ rice. This one is definitely high up on our list!

Experiencing local culture and music – The best way to learn about island culture is to get out and live it! Whether that means dancing the night away to Rake ‘n’ Scrape (a traditional form of music whose primary instrument is a saw) or participating in Junkanoo (a yearly island-wide festival), we want in on the action!

Horseback riding on the beach – Winding its way along the border of an endangered pine forest and picturesque Cooper’s Castle, the bridle path chosen by Pine Tree stables culminates in a ride along a secluded beach and a dip in the water. Don’t be afraid to get wet!

When choosing a vacation destination, it’s clear that Grand Bahama Island has it all – sand, sun, sea, and plenty to do! Keep in mind that there are many easy, same-day connections to other islands in The Bahamas from Nassau.  With so many things to do, paradise is just a short plane-ride away from many Canadian cities. As for us, we’re already packed!

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With an itinerary for every type of traveller, Grand Bahama Island has something for everyone, and enough charm to fill a suitcase.





Originally posted on Momstown Brampton