7 tips for travelling with your infant

February 15, 2017 - Blog

Plan for stops

Taking a road trip? Plan it out so that you can make a stop eve


Extra diapers & wipes! 

Pack whatever you think that you will need for travelling and then pack a little more! Wipes are useful for more than just diaper changes. From wiping down surfaces, cleaning off dropped toys, messy meals, and more. And diapers, well let’s just say being in the position where you’ve used the last one in a place where no other diapers are to be found.

Bring a change of clothes


New toys

Having something ‘new”

Whether you choose to pick up a couple of new toys or bring along a few favourites that your little one hasn’t seen for awhile

Airplane naps! 

Travelling on an airplane with a little one can be tough, especially during naptime! 1st Class Kids Travel Pillow


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