Bruce Arthur: Canada Day in the time of COVID: Maybe this year is a chance for Canada to really, finally, look in the mirror

July 1, 2020 - News

This mosaic is made from 3,025 photos selected from over 7,000 photos that Toronto Star photographers filed since the newsroom was shut down by COVID-19 quarantine orders on March 17. The composite depicts Toronto schoolteacher Meradith Black in a Canada Day photo sporting a flag mask. These images were compiled by Visuals Editor Taras Slawnych, who assigned to photographers from his dining room table. If you zoom in, you'll see shots of the deserted Toronto Star newsroom, Toronto streets and Pearson Airport when the pandemic first started; portraits of frontline workers; the Canadian Forces Snowbirds precision flight squad flying over Toronto; physical distancing circles at Trinity-Bellwoods Park; a ballerina who taught an online class to Star readers; the Toronto Zoo's gorillas, baby giraffe and lemurs; TSO musicians who jammed for exclusive music videos on, and photos of Toronto starting to re open.

Before all this, every Canadian had their own version of Canada Day. Maybe it was a barbecue, a fair, a parade. Maybe it was just a day off, finally. Maybe it was on Parliament Hill, or in your backyard, unless you didn’t have a backyard; then maybe you could join the crowd, all carrying little Canadian flags, to see the fireworks.

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