Big Advocacy win for BBOT – Federal Government Approves Milton Logistics Hub!

January 26, 2021 - Press Releases

On January 21, 2021, the Federal Government announced approval for the Milton Logistics Hub. This $250 million investment from CN will enhance the supply chain for local manufacturers and farmers exporting goods worldwide. Minister Wilkinson’s decision to move forward also helps strengthen and secure food, medications and consumer goods reaching our store shelves. For more than 5 years, local businesses, through the Brampton Board of Trade, joined with business communities along the Innovation Corridor to encourage the Federal Government to approve this major private sector investment on 400 acres in neighbouring Milton. Congratulations to all of our dedicated volunteers for their investment in monthly meetings, quarterly forums, presentations at hearings, and writing of articles to bring awareness to this investment. In addition to creating 1100 direct and indirect jobs and strengthening local companies, the Hub will also augment service at the Brampton Intermodal Terminal, requiring fewer trucks on our highways and many other consumer benefits. A special thank you to Brampton's local MP's for their consistent support of this important supply chain facility.  

Originally Published by Brampton Board of Trade