2021 Ontario Pre-budget Submission

February 12, 2021 - Press Releases

The mandate of the Brampton Board of Trade is to advocate on behalf of Brampton’s business community, connect and empower them to capture opportunities and overcome the toughest business challenges. Together Brampton Board of Trade members employ more than 45,000 – put in context, members provide more than one in every three jobs in Brampton.

The Brampton Board of Trade has submitted the below recommendations to the Provincial Government in its Pre-budget Submission:

Looking forward to the 2021 Provincial budget, we highlight three key areas:

1) Investment in innovation is an important part of the economic recovery solution. Investments to accelerate adoption of new processes and technologies to increase trade, reduce environmental footprint and to protect businesses from cyber-attack will greatly contribute to small business recovery and success. Ensuring faster broadband access to all parts of Ontario is also a worthy investment.

2) Investments in infrastructure that strengthen both supply chain and regional transit are key to Ontario’s future economic competitiveness. Projects such as Two-Way, All-Day GO Train service along the Waterloo to Toronto Corridor is a high value investment, as is accelerating the building of the GTA West Corridor highway.

3) Investment in reducing inter-provincial trade barriers will bring new markets for Ontario businesses.

Operating restrictions have caused huge challenges in cashflow, layoffs and the ability to retain customers and meet their needs. Impact on Brampton businesses has been both disruptive and uneven. Small businesses seem to have borne a more severe impact, particularly those that weren’t prepared with e-commerce platforms, automated order-filling, online payment processing or delivery methods.

Read the full submission: 2021 Ontario Pre-budget Submission

Originally Published by Brampton Board of Trade