Happy New (Fiscal) Year!

July 8, 2021 - Press Releases

Brampton Board of Trade completed its fiscal year end on June 30th.   July marks the start of a new program year for our business community. As our calendar turns, I want to take a moment to reflect on the year behind us and the one ahead.
We had a strong year. Business owners united through the Brampton Board of Trade to help each other through the uncertain peaks and valleys of the pandemic. As one example, together we made sure governments took steps to extend tax filing deadlines and defer taxes to help preserve cash flow.
As well, through our many forums, you made constructive suggestions on safely easing operating restrictions placed on businesses. Together, businesses embarked on digital transformation training through the Recovery Activation Program and lobbied hard to prioritize, accelerate and bring vaccinations on-site to our large employers.
Together we protected even more small business owners and employees through our specialized insurance program that supports mental health, dental and other care needs. In all, it was inspiring to see our business community come together on many more tangible initiatives that helped save businesses time and money when they needed it most.
These wins were not the Board of Trade’s alone. You, our members, responded with increasing engagement at our meetings. Open Door Discussions, a new online meet-up, for example, provided a great opportunity to share practical solutions to challenges. Together we shared and learned practical tips and strategies from our online expert interviews that you can find on BBOT’s website. Overall, it was Brampton’s spirit of neighbour-helping-neighbour that brought both comfort and success through a challenging period.  Thank you for the kind words and encouragement you’ve recently shared:

Operationally, your Brampton Board of Trade has never been stronger. The Board is growing to serve you even better with new hires in member services, community operations and government relations. Jennifer Oppermann, Jennifer Oldham and Kevin Draper are working closely with member businesses in those respective roles, always seeking to add value to your business and our community.
The Board of Trade continues to be consulted on important issues influencing the growth of our region. Todd Letts, the Board’s CEO, serves on the Minister’s Business Advisory Council for Transit in the Innovation Corridor; the “Chamber 4.0 Future Innovation Task Force” of the World Chambers Federation; and the international standards commission for chamber executive excellence, to name a few. These invitations position Brampton’s business community at the forefront of innovative thought.
Looking ahead, later this year, Brampton Board of Trade will host the 4th annual Canada’s Innovation Corridor Summit featuring many of our local business leaders as speakers. Next spring, we host the Ontario Chamber of Commerce’s (OCC) Annual General Meeting….a great opportunity to welcome hundreds of delegates to our fine city.  
Thank you to all our members, entrepreneurs, family business owners, sponsors, corporate advisors, government and community partners. The year ahead looks bright as we grow stronger together. Together, we are poised for greatness. Happy (fiscal) New Year!
Michelle McCollum
Chair, Brampton Board of Trade

Originally Published by Brampton Board of Trade