GTA West Corridor – Highway 413 Brings Economic Opportunity

July 29, 2021 - Press Releases

The Brampton Board of Trade made the following submission to the public consultation process related to the GTA West Corridor (Highway 413). If your business will be impacted by this proposal, please consider making a submission, and let us know what you said!

Thank you for holding a public consultation on July 28th on the proposed GTA West Corridor, which is also known as Highway 413. The Brampton Board of Trade’s position on Highway 413 is well established and clear: We support this critical infrastructure project, and know that our member businesses will benefit tremendously from the improvement in movement it will bring for goods and people.

The business case for the proposed highway is strong. One 2012 study estimated it would bring a $1 Billion annual boost to provincial GDP. Today an average of 22,000 trucks carry $900 million of goods across the 401 corridor every single day, so it is easy to understand how an additional highway that makes travel across the region quicker and easier would translate to large economic benefit.

It is not only from the transportation of goods that the highway offers great potential for our region. We know from experience right here in our own backyard that employers, and high skill/high wage workers, gain confidence to make investments and hiring decisions when needed highway infrastructure is added. Look no further than the dense cluster of industry in Oakville that surrounds the 403/QEW. We know that many businesses are looking for reasons to invest in Brampton, and approving Highway 413 will offer them a strong one.

We were pleased to see a broad expertise and range of opinions brought to the public consultation that highlighted many of these elements of the project. The Brampton Board of Trade looks forward to future opportunities to engage on the project, including an expected public consultation in the fall, and will continue to advocate for timely approval and construction.

Originally Published by Brampton Board of Trade