City of Brampton Official Plan Focus Group

August 19, 2021 - Press Releases

The Brampton Board of Trade is pleased to be partnering with the City of Brampton to facilitate a focus group on the city’s Official Plan, specifically for the Brampton business community. The Official Plan is a foundational document that affects all aspects of city planning, including how and where lands are zoned for various uses (such as residential/commercial), where major transit projects are planned, and where infrastructure and amenity improvements are made.

We would like to invite you to participate in this special session on Monday, September 13 from 8-10am.
Click HERE to register. 

Please contact Kevin Draper, Manager of Government Relations, at with any questions.
Before attending, please review the following agenda questions and think about how they affect your business:

  1. Affordability – Are your employees able to find affordable housing? Are there other affordability issues facing your employees?
  2. Getting Around – How convenient is it for your employees to get to work? How do the majority of your employees get to work?
  3. Goods Movement – Are you encountering issues pertaining to goods movement?
  4. Child Care – Are your employees able to access quality child care?
  5. Quality of Life – Is Brampton delivering the kind of quality of life that your employees are looking for or that you need to attract talent?
  6. Other Issues – Is there anything currently affecting your business or employees that Brampton’s Official Plan could assist with or alleviate?

Originally Published by Brampton Board of Trade