We have to live with the dangerous Freedom Convoy fringe. But politicians don’t have to lend them support

January 28, 2022 - All News

Hundreds of trucks and supporters filled the overpasses and onramps of the 401 like this one at Keele in support of the trucker convoy making the way to Ottawa.

There were so many Canadian flags. People carried them, hung them from their trucks, wrapped them around their shoulders. The Bass Pro Shops parking lot in Vaughan was filled with people who wanted to see the Freedom Convoy, and to bathe in giddy, misguided, collective rage. They honked their horns and hooted and hollered and yelled more at CBC journalists than anybody else. A mother stood to the side, her two-year-old bundled in a stroller. Her name was Dasha, and she wouldn’t give her last name. She was unvaccinated. I asked her, what was this for?

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